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Sonic Fractal

Sonic Fractal conducts aural experiments in ambience and mood alteration. Comprised of layered, organic sounds and processed loops, Sonic Fractal’s music seeks to sooth and calm, yet there remains subtle and complex threads of alienation and disconnectedness woven within the music. Sonic Fractal is Anthony and the Bean.

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How To Kill A Golden State

The phenomenon is a more commonplace disaster in California than earthquakes, firestorms, or workplace shootings. Everyday, developers ply their despicable trade, turning our once picturesque state into a nightmare of prefab and ticky tackya trade that we, ourselves insanely wasteful and indulgent consumers, support wholeheartedly. Where once newly arrived residents sent postcards back east of […]

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West Coast Fog 12/15/09 featured image

West Coast Fog 12/15/09

Tune in to West Coast Fog tonight from 7 to 9 pm PST as Erik Bluhm looks into the Buffalo Springfield phenom and then shows how Jimbo stole his shtick from Sky Saxon and spread his tentacles of broodiness down the Strip. Later on we’ll get a look into the Wildflower, San Francisco’s “lost” band […]

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Higher Key in L.A. and Frisco

After thirty-plus years the moment has arrived–The return of Ya Ho Wa 13 and a semi-Source Family reunion. There will be over thirty original Source Family brothers and sisters in L.A. next week, playing music, signing books, showing films, etc. This my friends is a very rare occurence so don’t be caught sleeping. The events […]

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Circle Pictures

Our good friend Michael Rashkow will be strutting his stuff on the Westside this weekend. Before you hit the Sky Saxon/YaHoWa 13 show, swing over to Culver City to gaze at his Circle Pictures exhibition.  

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Little Big Men

Though they may not be all that well known outside of record shop beardo circles and flashback chat groups, psychedelic rock group the Hobbits deserve a prime spot in the American music annals for defining a more “grown-up” take on the era’s free love ethos, and for somehow straddling that greasy balance beam separating the […]

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Rainbow Goblins

It guy Darin Klein has curated a handsome show entitled The Rainbow Goblins that opens this Thursday in Hollywood. “In Count Ul de Rico’s 1978 children’s book The Rainbow Goblins, the symbolism of the plight of the rainbow becomes a parable for corporate greed, ecological degradation and cultural commodification,” Klein tells us. “Inspired by this […]

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Green is Good!

Last Fall while tooling around the alleys of old town Stockholm, I stopped in to a tiny record store to see about relieving myself of my per diem. After witnessing me stock up on Algarnas Tradgard reissues and Frida from Abba’s solo record (featuring the definitive version of “Life on Mars”), the store’s owner suggested […]

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Help I’m Iraq

“Smeared with dirt and pebbles to give it the color and texture of a rock, the polyurethane blob” first attracted the attention of keen-eyed Staff Sgt. Dick Sprinter during a raid on a Shiite safe house. “I knew it as soon as I saw it,” Sprinter told reporters. “Fucking Iranians.” According to top ranking military […]

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Ooze Out

Black Gum College allegedly existed in or around Old Fort, North Carolina during 1972-3. The surviving mission statement of this guerrilla Art School claims that its purpose was “to inject ooze into society so that art can exist in this constrictive culture.” According to legend, students were “recruited” then led blind-folded to “the campus,” a […]

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