Ooze Out

Black Gum College allegedly existed in or around Old Fort, North Carolina during 1972-3. The surviving mission statement of this guerrilla Art School claims that its purpose was “to inject ooze into society so that art can exist in this constrictive culture.” According to legend, students were “recruited” then led blind-folded to “the campus,” a forest clearing where they were given workshops in energy transference, witchcraft, and juice drawing. Students were warned against disclosing the college’s location or going public with details concerning their education. No one has yet come forth as a former student. The only surviving relics of Black Gum consist of a few Super 8 film reels, an audio tape, and several written statements addressed to The Asheville Citizen Times. Scholars have called to question the credibility of these documents.
Ex-patriate Palos Verdian and New Energy power mind Steve Brown has invited Peter Poffenberger to perform during the opening reception of his new show of paintings in nearby Asheville. Peter is the only known son of Hendrik and Petra Poffenberger, the founders of the Black Gum College. Peter has put together what he calls “the last band that will play my parent’s music and the first band to play it indoors”. Come experience woodland energy and be sure to ooze out Friday the 13th at: Harvest Records.